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Are you using leaves to cover you nakedness? Understanding the grace of God

Adam and Eve were naked the whole time they were in the garden, but it wasn't until after they received the wisdom they were naked did they became ashamed of it. We are the same way in our sin. We are always in our sins and it isn't until we come into Christ that we get the covering of salvation that blots out our wickedness.

This is the righteousness before God, we're constantly naked and condmened, whether we eat the fruit or not, the truth doesn't change that we're naked. The carnal response is to make ourselves a covering to hide us from the shame of nudity, just like Adam and Eve. They made aprons of figs, and the truth is we do the same when we see our sin and believe our ability to keep God's word is our salvation. But just like God clothed Adam and Eve purely by his grace, trusting in God's righteousness is a better coverting that won't fade away when the heat of condemnation hits it.

Fig leaves dry up when the sun hits it, and just like we are compared to trees in the bible (Psalm 1:3) The leaves on our tree is the works we do in our lives, its our own increase. Self-rightouesness gives us a covering of leafs that won't last the test of time, won't last in the sun, and won't keep you warm in the cold. But God's righteouness is greater, His covering for Adam and Eve was made of animal skin. This clothing is able to endure the heat, keep the wearer warm, and is an all around better covering for the skin.

The main difference between the leaves and the animal skin is the sacarafice, an animal had to die to give his flesh as a covering. Jesus was this sacrafice that clothes us in his covering of righteousness. It was a sacrafice God had to make himself, it requried no works or effort of Adam and Eve, they just had to receive it. God did this out of love and mercy to prepare Adam and Eve for a life ending in death, their clothes became a covering for life that would keep their shame covered until death.

Jesus' rightouenss does this to us as well, we live our whole lives believing in the rightousness of Christ. And the good news is, this covering of Christ is more than just covers our sins, it atones for it! The law could just cover sin and blot it out, but Jesus' blood fully atones for it making us void of it in God's eyes!

Hebrews 10:10 "By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all."

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