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You will never view worship the same after reading this!

Updated: Apr 27

Worship, Jesus is worthy of it, it’s our calling as God’s creation, and it’s what He wants from us, but do our actions reflect our knowledge? If you’ve been feeling a lack of zeal to worship the Lord, this teaching will put worship into a brand new perspective… Let's dive into it!

Many of us look at worship from our perspective, but have you ever considered how God feels when we worship Him? The feeling isn’t beyond our understanding because God has given us many things in our lives that tap into His perspective. The first thing many of us can understand is how nice it feels when people show you you’re appreciated in their life. Anything from a gift, to offering their time to help you with something, or even kind words communicating their appreciation for you. If we can feel uplifted from such a simple gesture how do you think God feels when we take a couple minutes to give Him praise?

God compares Himself to our Husband in a handful of places in the Word, and one place is in Isaiah 54:5 “For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name”. Why is God using the role of a husband to communicate His relationship with us? To give us something our minds can wrap around as we know and experience marriage in our own lives. There is more to marriage than simply living with another person, and it’s all these other things that come with the relationship of a marriage that also reflect God’s desires towards us. It’s one thing to know about a marriage, it’s a whole other thing to be married, and those in Christ who have been blessed with a marriage know how deeply that relationship connects to our relationship with God on a more intimate level. That doesn’t rule out the unmarried from understanding this connection with God as we’ve all been given a desire to want a person to share our lives with, it will simply be from a different perspective.

So how does marriage connect to our relationship with God? Would you feel like your appreciation was genuine if your spouse told you how grateful they were of you in the same exact way, at the same exact time each day? I’m sure you wouldn’t feel under appreciated, but it would get a bit stale after a while wouldn’t it? Spontaneous expressions of love and appreciation become blessed memories that live long after the love is given. And most of all, you wouldn’t try to love your spouse like others do because we all express our love differently!

If we can experience and understand this appreciation in our marriages, how much greater does God feel when we express our appreciation towards Him for being our God! He feels loved, appreciated, valued, and cared for! Yes, let’s not let too much time pass between moments of praise because He IS God, but let’s equally not get too regimented in a routine that we lose the love! Just like when you’re in-love, your heart is filled with a desire to give sweet words and acts of appreciation, and your fruit will reflect it. Our life of worship towards God should be the same!

It’s important to know that He feels your love, just as you feel His. He longs for your praise just as you miss His presence. He wants your heart just as you need His, and His love for you will never change or get old. How does He see you when you are in His presence? Colossians 1:22 “In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight:” Holy, unblameable, and unreproveable in His sight, another word for this, accepted! You will always be accepted in the presence of the Father because of the Son’s sacrifice, and you cannot change that!

We have been liberated to praise, so let’s praise in liberty!

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