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Genesis 28 Jacob's Ladder, DNA, Jesus' Chromosomes, Blessings & Curses🧬

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

If you keyword search the bible search for "ladder" only one result pops up, Jacob's ladder in Genesis 28:12. When something is mentioned only one time in scripture, God is making a point. The implications of this ladder are deeper than the surface, and like most verses in the bible, there are hidden meanings only the Holy Spirit can reveal. In this blog, we'll be shining a light on a couple of these hidden meanings, otherwise this can quickly turn into a scientific study of angelic manipulation of matter and genetic code that makes up generational curses & blessings.

Jacob's Ladder

We read about Jacob's ladder in Genesis 28:12-16. A few things happen in this text, Jacob has a dream and sees a ladder that goes from earth to heaven, he sees angels going up and down this ladder, as well as the Lord standing at the top of it. God reveals himself to Jacob and says He will inherit the land he is on and it will be owned by this seed. God tells Jacob his children will be as numerous as the dust and all the families of the earth will be blessed in him. God ends by telling Jacob, "I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of."

Ladders are used to gain access to areas that are too high to reach otherwise. In the same way, God equipped Jacob with this spiritual ladder to give him access to heaven's storehouse. It was this access that allowed the Lord's angels to be the vessels of completion executing God's will upon Jacob's life. All throughout scripture, we see angels giving protection (Abraham's angel helping his servant to find a wife for Isaac, Gen. 24:7), relaying messages (The angel showing Daniel what will happen to Israel in the end days, Daniel 10), and being the vessel of miracles at times (The angel that stirred the pool of Bethesda to heal the first person that entered, John 5:4). But there is more to the ladder than this, Jacob's DNA was altered!

Jacob's Ladder and Double Helix

I'm sure most of us know about DNA but it's worth a refresher. DNA looks like a twizzler candy with a ladder down the middle. It is a molecule that carries genetic information to develop the functioning of an organism. A gene is a long chain of DNA containing differing nucleotides (The four bases that make up the DNA) that give instructions to make different proteins and ribozymes. One gene is inherited from each of your parents, and only 1% of your genes differ from person to person. The different facial features, height size, and hair color we see in each person are a result of this 1% variation in our genes.

DNA lives inside the nucleus of a cell and contains the code that dictates what will be accomplished, but RNA is the messenger that leaves the nucleus to "make it happen". The RNA builds the amino acids according to the instructions set by the DNA, and these finalized amino acids combine to form proteins. Proteins are extremely important, they build body parts, repair damage, and grow new cells.

When God showed Jacob the ladder with angels ascending & descending upon it, He was putting his supremacy as The Creator on display. God was also revealing to Jacob the micro and macro implications of angelic intervention and their connection to human biology. God was revealing how Jacob's generational blessings would transverse through his DNA! Similar to how DNA contains code specifying what will be accomplished, Jacob's DNA was changed to now contain the "code" of God's word of promise. In the same way RNA translates and moves DNA's coded message to build proteins, God assigned angels to Jacob's seed to accomplish his word. Angels carry God's word and their sole purpose is to execute God's will.

This is where curses and blessings lay, in your DNA. Even doctors know this, the first questions they ask you when analyzing your health is what sicknesses your parents had! God has already (hopefully) changed your DNA when you gave your life to him and were baptized. You were given access to Jacob's Ladder to inherit the same promises as Abraham, Galatians 3:29 (KJV) "And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."

God gave you a brand new heart by modifying your DNA, then gave you his Spirit. This is what is happening during healing miracles. This should be an eye-opener to how fallen angels bring sickness and curses, the Devil has desires to modify DNA as well. You can even look at how viruses and bacteria infiltrate a cell in hopes of modifying it's DNA to replicate. God painted a clear picture of the spiritual warfare even in microbiology! This is why deliverance is called a miracle in scripture, (Mark 9:38-39) because through the power of the name of Christ, DNA is getting delivered and blessings are being imparted!

This is a perfect transition into Christ's DNA!

Jesus' DNA

How many chromosomes did Jesus have? 22, (not counting the 23rd chromosome that sets the gender) this is because Jesus was born of the virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38) so he only received one set of chromosomes. The Holy Spirit, as we all know is able to do the impossible by sustaining everything Christ needed down to the chromosomes. Christ's miraculous birth is another display of God's ultimate power over creation by making life with half the chromosomes of a regular person for His one and only Son to be born.

As discussed earlier, genes carry long chains of nucleotides that give instructions. Nucleotides in human DNA are made of four parts that humans have labeled ACGT. In the same way that letters in a language make up words, the different combinations of nucleotides in a gene make up a chromosome and inherited traits. When the angel Gabriel released the word from God the Father concerning Christ's birth, he makes it clear that "the Holy Spirit will come upon her". For a prophetic word to come to pass, God's word must be released first. And in the same way, a trait must be "written" in the genes before it can be passed down. As a word from God is released, the nucleotides of an individual are modified, recoding the person's DNA for the word to pass (if the word is applicable to the state of an individual. Deliverance, healing, children, blessings, etc.).

There is another truth in Christ's 22 chromosomes. The Hebrew alphabet only has 22 letters further proving Jesus is the Word, even down to the letter!

John 1:1-3 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."

Implications of the anti-Christ

There is a new technology called CRISPR. The goal of this technology is to modify human DNA to get "more desirable" traits and change existing ones. This technology has quickly shifted and is currently begin sold to parents to "modify" their unborn children in select countries. This is an abomination of God's intended design and is the work of the Devil. Our flesh was designed to die, the skin was designed to wither and sag, and sickness was created to plague mankind due to wickedness and to enforce general death.

I give praise the Lord Jesus Christ, who has set us free from the fear of death through the victory on the cross! Hebrews 2:14-15 "Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; 15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage."

I have no doubt the lost world will gravitate to CRISPR technology as time passes, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is how the anti-Christ is born. I can see this "modification" going from "seemingly innocent" uses like ending certain cancers, to them learning through demonic inspiration how to make their own chromosomes. 22 Chromosomes from a woman, and 22 made in a lab. All in an effort to create soulless vessel that is only filled with Satan's spirit. A vessel with no moral compass, who cannot contemplate the concept of what's right, only led by the Devil's desires, the anti-Christ.

Stay vigilant brothers and sisters, the Lord is with us.

1 John 4:4 "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world."

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Jan 03, 2023

This is beautiful! I had always thought that the ladder in Jacob's dream was a symbol connecting heaven to earth. Now the meaning has expanded tremendously. Thanks so much for this. Please share more of your inspired messages through this medium. God bless you richly sir.

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