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How To Spiritually Clean Your House | Free Your Home of Demonic Oppression

It's midnight and you're awoken with an unnerving feeling, like someone is watching you. You try to ignore it and pass it off as your imagination, you say a quick prayer in your head for protect and try to go back to sleep. But the feeling doesn't go away until the morning.

This is an small example of a demonically oppressed house, an aroma of fear or tension permeates the house. More symptoms can involve items falling, constant nightmares, hearing people calling your name with no one home, hearing someone knocking, lingering sickness, bad smells, or seeing figures walking throughout your house. These and much more are all brought on by demonic spirits, and they only leave when you confront them with your authority in Christ and the blood of the lamb! And if your experiences sound like anything mentioned above, it's time for a deliverance on the house!

As a Christian, these things manifest because you carry the Kingdom of Heaven, and the kingdom of darkness REALLY hates that. Spiritually Cleaning your house plays a big part in living the life of abundance Jesus talked about in John 10:10. Get equipped to take back peace in your home with the information below:

The Don'ts

What are these spirits?

We have to stay rooted in the bible to understand what these evil spirits are NOT. They are not spirits or souls from dead people, the bible tells us clearly our soul and spirits either go to Heaven or Hell, nothing in-between. These evil spirits are not "evil energy" or "bad energetic vibes", it's the Devil and his demonic spirits he rules over. To learn more, click here!

What Don't We Use To Rid Them?

We do not burn incense period. No sage, no "cleansing sprays", no nothing. The practice of burning incense known as "smudging" and is rooted in witchcraft. If you want to learn more about this, click here! We also don't use "holy water" at any point in our walk with God. It has no power and carry's no biblical foundation. Click here to learn more!

The Dos!

In Mark 16:17 & Luke 10:19, Jesus tells us he's given us authority over ALL the power of enemy. And we see by example how Jesus and the apostles casted demons out, with their mouth. Mark 16:17 Jesus tells us to use our voice and verbally cast out demons, in the name of Jesus Christ. Outside of that, we have no other commandment. Using anything else to cast out demons opens the door to you getting very hurt, both physically and spiritually (Read Acts 19:13-16).


We use our voice, and give the demonic spirits a commandment ending with, "in the name of Jesus Christ". Example, "I command every demonic spirit to leave this room in the name of Jesus Christ!"

Before You Start


I'd recommend starting this off in prayer, and we have to get our heart right with God first. Repent of all known sin and remove every idol in our house (Want to learn more about what an idol could be, click here to learn more). It helps to read encouraging scripture as well. I have a few bullet points below on the things you'll want to address in prayer, as well as helpful verses to build up your faith!

- Repent: Confess of all known sin and turn away from it!

Jesus, I'm sorry for all the sin I've committed against you. Please forgive me of these sins specifically [list out all sin that God puts on your heart, as well as any idolatry, and cut it out of your life!]

- Renounce: Declare that you have no part to all evil committed in the past.

I renounce of all forms of witchcraft, all forms of the occult, evil words spoken over others, all unholy relationships as well as [list out all unholy groups, activities and unholy connections you've made in your life]

- Reveal: Ask God to reveal any items He wants you to throw away.

I ask that you Holy Spirit would reveal any items in my house that is displeasing to you [It helps to go in each room and if you feel off about anything, throw it out!]

- Refill: Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with his power and confidence.

Lord Jesus, I stand with you and I dedicate all of my possessions to you. In this moment now, I ask that you would fill me up with your Holy Spirit and power, in Jesus mighty name!

The Process For Each Room

You are about to demolish the kingdom of darkness and claim this territory for Christ to rule over, get excited! We are now doing the work needed to clean the house of ALL evil. As you enter into each room, do the steps below.

1. Rebuke: Command all unclean spirits to leave in the name of Jesus

Example: "Every unclean spirit in this room, in the closet, under the bed, I demand you leave out of this house NOW in the name of Jesus Christ! I apply the blood of Jesus Christ on all areas of this room to purge all evil."

  • Target specific spots, the furniture, the closet, the windows, etc.

  • You're talking to a real spirit that hates you, so say it like you mean it!

2. Fill & Seal: Ask God to fill and seal the room/ area with his Holy Spirit

Example: "Heavenly father, please fill this room with your Holy Spirit. Fill it with your love, peace, and protection. Please Lord Jesus, seal this room and protect it from all evil spirits."

  • You should feel a shift in the spirit after this step, if not then go back to step one. Demons are STUBBORN!

3. Preach: After doing 1&2 in each room, preach the gospel over the house and bless it

Example: (Helps to declare the word of God out loud as you do this) "Jesus has defeated death at the cross and has set the captives free. This house has been set free by the blood of Jesus Christ and will be blessed forevermore! Jesus has demolished all the works of the enemy in my life and in this house! I declare the Kingdom of Heaven has come upon this house in the name of Jesus Christ!"

  • You don't have to get fancy, just preach the love of Jesus Christ and all he's done for you!

  • Read God's word out loud as you walk around the house.

  • Declare

4. Give GOD SOME PRAISE!!!! Jesus has freed your house! Blast some worship music so the neighbor's demons know what's up!!

Keeping it Clean

Keeping your house clean will aid in your quality of life. Here are a few things I've seen that help keep a house clean:

  • Don't accept gifts from people, if you "must" then pray over it before putting it in your house (let God show you, and if you're doubtful in any way just throw it away).

  • Close all spiritual "open doors", don't let everyone over your house. It's not a requirement, but I've noticed people can and do leave their demons in the house at times.

  • Ask God to reveal if there is anything in your house every now and then.

  • Every few months or so run through this process over again just incase.

  • Always live in forgiveness, and overcome evil with God's love. Your physical house is a representation of your spiritual house!

There is on very important thing I'd like to add. Sometimes the things we see aren't in our physical house, but are inside our own spiritual home. You might have a demon inside you tormenting you, but don't worry! Click here to be taken to my self deliverance guide!

Share your testimony in the comments below!


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