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Deliverance Session Policy & Instructions

Policy & Rules

  1. We do not do deliverances on married women, unless husband is present.
    *If the husband is present we will teach & guide him through the deliverance process.

  2. 30 min grace period on late arrivals, any later than this and you'll have to reschedule.

  3. This is not counselling or intercessory prayer, we are specifically coming against demonic spirits, curses, and oppression.

  4. Praying for the deliverance minister is not permitted.

  5. Zoom is the only platform used (no phone to phone communication, or other platforms), please be sure your internet connection is adequate.
    *you can however call into the zoom meeting through your phone. (instructions are below)

  6. Be sure you're dressed appropriately, clothing should be modest & be firmly secured.

  7. Must be a born-again Christian (not Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah witness, Black Hebrew Israelite) who is baptized.

  8. Each person is limited to 1 session a month.


Deliverance is a very serious matter and these rules are for your safety as well as the safety of the deliverance minister. If any of the rules listed above cannot be followed, you can check out our guide to self-deliverance here ( Jesus Christ is the deliverer, and this ministry is just a vessel. Failing to honor the rules listed above will stop a deliverance session.


Instructions to Join the Session

How to join the deliverance session:

  1. After booking, look through your email, the meeting link was sent in an email labeled "Deliverance Session Booked" (check spam folder if it's not in your inbox).

  2. In the email click on "join meeting" link.

  3. It will open a web page for you to join the meeting (if on a computer, you'll just join the meeting directly).


If you're unable to use Zoom, but wanted to join in through phone:

  1. Same steps as above, until you reach the zoom web page.

  2. Click "or join by iPhone one-tap (us-toll)"

  3. Select any of the numbers, and call.

  4. Press # for each call option that appears.

  5. Once the session starts you'll get connected.

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